Maryland HSA Government and HS MISA Assessments Updates

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Maryland HSA Government and HS MISA Assessments Updates
December 19, 2018
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Maryland HSA Government and HS MISA Assessments Updates
January 18, 2019
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Make Up Test Sessions

We have received some questions about handling make up test sessions and how best to handle it within the HSA Portal:

  • If you have a student that misses a testing day, we recommend not removing your student from their original class assignment in the HSA Portal.
  • If a student who has already started testing is moved into another class, when a new test session is scheduled, any previous test status would no longer show in the HSA Portal.
  • If creating a makeup session for students, it would be our recommendation to not schedule or create that in the HSA Portal. Please provide previously printed testing access codes from their original Test Session to the test administrator so that the student may resume testing in their original test assignments.

January 2019 Additional Materials

If you need additional paper materials for the January 2019 administration, you have until January 14, 2019 to do so. You can access the Additional Materials through iServices. Please use the drop-down menu to select ‘Maryland’, click the grey ‘Enter’ button, and then the ‘Order Additional Materials’ link on the left side of the page. If you need further instruction, please reference our Additional Materials Quick Start Guide for help. If you are still having issues ordering additional materials, please reach out to the HSA Help Desk.

January 2019 Paper Testing

We have created an ancillary document for the Paper Test Administration that provides the page numbers for the start of each session. This was mentioned in the January 2019 Test Administration Manuals on page 1. This document was sent in the last communication.

Updated Key Dates Document

We have extended the paper testing windows for the January and May administrations. We have also updated the dates when secure paper materials arrive in schools and the deadline that Unique Accommodation Requests are due for the May administration. This was sent out in our last communication.

  • As a reminder for an upcoming key date, the First Pre-ID window for the May 2019 Administration will be February 19 – March 8, 2019

Online Practice Tests

The online practice tests are live via the HSA Kiosk and the Student Practice test login.

Usernames and passwords to the 2019 HSA practice tests are as follows:

*Students who are scheduled to use Text to Speech during testing should review and practice using the online controls BEFORE the administration of the test.

January 2019 Administration Presentation

We have finished updating the TCM PowerPoint and have posted it up on the MD Help & Support site for your use (posted on 10/30/18). You can find it up on our Training page.

Maryland HSA Modules

We have created small module videos that cover various activities you would accomplish for an administration. There are two versions of each video – one with closed captions and one without. Both can be found on our Training page.

Updated FAQs for HS MISA & COMAR Document

MSDE has updated their COMAR policy document (updated on 10/25/18). This updated document has been posted to the Guides page under the Policy Documents button.